Current PC FOCUS CONTROL Software

These files are for the PC FOCUS CONTROL (PCFC) Motor Control hardware.
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PC Focus Control Operator's Guide (version 1.3.0)


Single Unit or First of Two Units
PCFC Software (version 1.3.0)
PCFC FocusAPI Driver for CCDSoft from Software Bisque

Second Unit for Running a Second Motor*
PCFC2 Software
PCFC2 FocusAPI Driver for CCDSoft from Software Bisque

ASCOM for Both Single/First and Second Units*
ASCOM Platform (ASCOM Website)
PCFC ASCOM Driver  (Allows connection to either PCFC or PCFC2 and either relative or absolute mode)

* In order to run two PC Focus Control units to control two focusers, you will need two different and separate pieces of hardware (PCFC and PCFC2 firmware) and two sets of software (PCFC and PCFC2 software).