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Jim's Mobile Inc.
Manufacturing Advanced Telescope Products.

JMI Customers

Amateur Astronomers





Amateur Astronomers

Aarseth, Knut — Comet Hunter.  (NORWAY)

Bisque, Tom — Software Bisque.  (USA)

Bopp, Thomas — Comet Hunter.  (USA)

Brewington, Howard — Comet Hunter.  (USA)

Ceravolo, PeterOptics.  (USA)

Comba, Dr. PaulAsteroid and Comet Hunter.  (USA)

Ehrhorn, BradTelescope Builder.  (USA)

Ferris, TimothyWell-known Amateur Astronomer and Author.  (USA)

Gendler, Robert — Astrophotographer.  (USA)

Gombert, Glenn — Astrophotographer.  (USA)

Hallas, Tony — Astrophotographer.  (USA)

Horne, Johnny — Astrophotographer.  (USA)

Ling, Alister — Astrophotographer.  (CANADA)

Newton, JackAstrophotographer.  (USA)

Polakis, TomWell-known Amateur Astronomer and Author.  (USA)

Sinnott, RogerAuthor.  (USA)

and more...


Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)Owned by NASA.  (USA)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Owned by NASA and operated by California Institute of Technology under contract with NASA.  (USA)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Official Space Agency of the United States.  (USA)

Telescopes in Education (TIE) Educational program sponsored by NASA.  (WORLDWIDE)

and more...


Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO) — (AUSTRALIA)

Cerro Tololo Inter-American Obervatory — (SOUTH AMERICA)

European Southern Observatory (ESO) — (GERMANY)

Lick ObservatoryThe famous 36-inch Crossley reflector built in England in 1881.  (USA)

Lowell Observatory(USA)

McDonald Observatory(USA)

Mount Graham Observatory(USA)

National Solar Observatory(USA)

Perth Observatory(AUSTRALIA)

Sommers-Bausch ObservatoryAt the University of Colorado.  (USA)

Steward ObservatoryColumbia University–Tucson.  (USA)

Tycho Brahe Observatory(SWEDEN)

US Naval Observatory(USA)

University of Indiana Mutiple locations.  (USA)

and more...


Brandon University — (CANADA)

Columbia University — Multiple locations.  (USA)

Indiana UniversityMultiple locations.  (USA)

John Hopkins University(USA)

Kentucky University — Multiple locations.  (USA)

McNeese State University — (USA)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Operates Lincoln Labs under contract with NASA.  (USA)

Minnesota State University (USA)

Sam Houston State University(USA)

Syracuse University(USA)

Tel-Aviv University(ISRAEL)

Texas A & M University(USA)

Texas Tech University(USA)

University of Colorado(USA)

University of Hawaii (USA)

University of North DakotaNGT-18 used for detection and study of near-Earth objects.  (USA)

University of Pennsylvania(USA)

University of Puerto Rico(USA)

University of South Carolina(USA)

Vanderbilt University(USA)

and more...


Indian Institute for Astrophysics(INDIA)

and more...


Customer Comments

"Over the last 15 years I've made countless purchases from JMI.  In every case, the experience has been perfect and the products flawless.  Always a pleasure to do business with JMI.  (J. O.)

"I do appreciate the good service.  That's why I bought a JMI product."  (D. C.)

"The first company many amateurs turn to for telescope accessories is JMI..."  (D. D. C.)

"I got more than my money's worth!  Your quality is impeccable.  What I really enjoy are the details the others leave off...  You do things right!  ...  In my opinion, you need to let people know what they are really getting and why JMI might be slightly more expensive than the competition.  As far as I am concerned, there is no competition.  You can save a little and be disappointed forever or you can spend a little more and get more than expected.  That's how I really feel about JMI."  (Wayne Peppercorn)