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Jim's Mobile Incorporated
1960 Kerr Gulch Rd
Evergreen, CO  80439

(303) 233-5353 (Phone)
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Jim's Mobile Inc.
Manufacturing Advanced Telescope Products.

Inside JMI

What Makes JMI Unique?

A Brief Company History

Meet Our Employees

What Makes JMI Unique?

JMI Telescopes (Jim's Mobile, Inc.) is a world-renowned manufacturer of astronomical telescopes and after-market accessories for the amateur and professional astronomer.  We produce a variety of unique products that cannot be found anywhere else.  The founder and President of Jim's Mobile is Jim Burr.

Jim's philosophy is to create products that no others are selling.  "Our style is not to copy other companies, but to create unique products to solve problems.  If other companies are building good products, we are not going to compete with them.  We only take action when we see a need that no one is addressing.  In the case of our NGF focusers, even though there were many companies building focusers, we could find nothing that came close to zero image shift.  I thought the time had come to solve that problem."

"The development of the NGT line of telescopes, spanning more than a decade, has been very exciting for us here at JMI.  These telescopes represent a total departure from trends in commercial telescope making, and there is no doubt they have a bright future.  Our telescopes have received recognition in more than a dozen publications worldwide."

JMI responds to market demands in a fraction of the time it takes most manufacturers.   We often go from the idea stage to a working prototype in less than 24 hours.   Of course, we are always working on improvements throughout the lifetime of the products.  It definitely is an exciting place to work...

Another thing that makes us different is our reputation for quality and aftermarket service.  We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with every product.  (Click here to see the full description of our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.)  Also, you will never get stuck in an automated telephone answering maze when you call JMI.  Full and courteous service is always our goal.  As Jim says, "I do not feel satisfied with past achievements.  Therefore, I have adopted this motto:  'To become truly number one, you must strive constantly to surpass yourself, not the competition.' "

A Brief Company History

Jim Burr, founder and President of JMI Telescopes (Jim's Mobile, Inc.), developed an interest in astronomy as a small boy.

In the spring of 1983 he developed MOTOFOCUS, a motorized focusing mechanism allowing one to focus a telescope without creating vibrations.  His device worked so well that he decided to advertise the product in Sky & Telescope magazine.  Not expecting to create a completely new business with this project, he chose to advertise under his current business name, Jim's Mobile Color TV Shop.  (That business was started in the fall of 1970 using a converted mail truck as a mobile shop.)

Original Yellow Pages Ad    

The response to Jim's invention was so favorable that he ended up turning his hobby into a full time business.  From that simple beginning he began to expand the product line with useful, easy-to-use motors and drive correctors.  Other manufacturers began to incorporate JMI products into their own product line.  JMI became a highly respected manufacturer of amateur astronomical equipment worldwide.

Early JMI Products

In 1986 the 16-year-old TV repair business was sold and the telescope business was started.  In 1988 Jim's Mobile Industries hired its first employee.  In early 1990 the first NGT-18 telescope was sold and in the fall of 1991 JMI celebrated the sale of the 50th NGT.

Celebration of 50th NGT-18

The business was incorporated December 31, 1990 under the name Jim's Mobile Incorporated, and was moved from Jim's house in Evergreen to 810 Quail Street in the city of Lakewood in December of 1992.

During the ten years from the end of 1992 to the end of 2002, office and manufacturing space expanded to five times its original size.  In September of 2004 a more descriptive trade name, JMI Telescopes, was registered with the Colorado secretary of state.  On May 5, 2005, JMI began a move to a nearby location by first transporting the heavy machinery in the machine shop.

JMI's current location gives some much-needed room to grow.

Thanks to a reputation for quality and service and the resulting customer loyalty, the company continues to grow every year.

Meet Our Employees

At JMI we try very hard to treat people right.  That applies to our employees also.  The following is a current list of all our employees and their main duties:

Jim Burr
Founder and President
Don Gennetten
General Manager
Tom Johnston
Production Manager
Steve Sherry
Case and Focuser Production Manager
Lillian Romero
Office Manager, Invoicing, Shipping and CSR
Jim Humble
Sheet Metal Machine Operator and Assembler
DeEtta Burr
Dave Meldrum
Shop Manager
Adolf Rabinkov
Machinist (part time)
Ray Laine
Electronics Technician and CSR (part time)
Roger Hervig
Accounting Clerk (part time)

Customer Comments

"I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with your company's customer service.  It is rare to order something online and have a person on the other end actually care about making sure it is the correct item.  Thanks again for saving me the trouble of having to make a return.  I can't wait to try out the focuser.  (A. O. 04/04/2016)

"Wow...  I had heard a couple of years ago that you guys go out of your way to help your customers.  This really proves it to me....  This is really cool."  (N. S.  06/04/2015)

"I am a former child of the sixties who was deep into amateur astronomy and built my own Newtonian at the age of twelve.  In adulthood I lost track--but I am now facing retirement and want back in the game.  I found your website, and spent two hours exploring it.  What a revelation! ... Congratulations on your spectacular website and your innovative company.  The love of what you folks do shines through in a way your foreign-owned impersonal commercial competitors can't touch.  May good fortune follow you in the years to come.  (R. S.  12/31/2014)

"Great support, customer service and communications!!!  Thanks!!!" (D. M. B.  11/02/2013)

"Thanks for not slacking off, like so many enterprises I deal with on the Internet."  (J. B.)

"Smooth, effortless and secure transaction via Internet.  Fast delivery to me here in the UK and well packaged.  Would recommend JMI to anyone.  Very professional and a pleasure to do business with.  Now I know why JMI is number one for telescope accessories."  (M. C.  08/2012)

"I have talked with several people in the last few months at JMI and I have always been impressed with the knowledge and attitude of each person.  A very professional and customer friendly organization!"  (C. E.  08/2012)

"Just wanted to say thanks for the quick responses via email and phone on my recent order....  There was even a phone call to confirm the order details considering the different generations of my particular scope....  Awesome customer service!"  (T. J. V.  07/2012)

"Thanks for the great service and high-quality products!"  (J. U.)

"Thank you for excellent service.  My order came the next day ... Exactly what I wanted and a snap to install.  Obviously, you guys have done your homework and engineer fine products.  The MOTOFOCUS works better than I ever imagined.  I never had such sharp images before.  The DEC motor is great.  No more touching my C8 while imaging.  Thank you!  You are a quality organization."  (R. W.)

"Thank you so much!  Your products and tech support are great."  (J. P.)

"[I found a] friendly, helpful staff who made me feel secure in placing an order.  I was given an opportunity to speak with a technician who was most helpful.  I feel that JMI cares about, [and places a value on,] its customers."  (S. P.)

EMAIL RESPONSE:  "Thank you for your prompt attention to the shipping problem (wrong item).  Enclosed is the return of the incorrect item as promised.  Even good companies make mistakes....great companies respond to them properly.  Thanks for being a great company!" 
SURVEY RESPONSE: "Promptly received my order, but it had gotten mixed up with another.  A few minutes on the phone and  it was straightened out.  I got the right item 2 days later and returned the other item.  No harm, no foul, just excellent handling of one of those mistakes that can happen to anyone.  It was handled so smoothly it let me know that you are a quality company that I can recommend to my fellow astronomers!"  (S. G.)

"Once again, thank you very much for your prompt attention.  I think it means a lot to all your customers to receive such excellent professional customer service!"  (C. M.)

"What a great company JMI is.  I have several products and any time I have had a question, the good people at JMI have always been courteous and helpful.  It's no wonder you have such a sterling reputation.  Keep up the excellent work."  (R. E.)

"Great service as usual from JMI!"  (R. E.)

"Of all the sites I have saved to my 'Telescope Parts & Vendors' list, yours is the greatest.  I love your company philosophy...  I wish you were here in Ohio because if you were I'd most likely be a fellow employee!"  (G. A. N.)

"I would also like to mention how impressed I am not only with the quality of your products, ...but also with the extremely competent and friendly support you give."  (R. M.)

"...let me say a few words about the people associated with you.  Every one that I talked with on the phone was very courteous and helpful.  You must be very pleased to have attracted such a group."  (J. P.)

"...Looking at your catalog and employee portrait, I said to myself, 'That's the kind of company I wish I worked for!'  Please keep up the great work!"  (C. H.)